Networks & Data

ISC’s Technology Services Group manages Penn’s central network, data center, telecommunications, and more. Last year the Technology Services Strategy Review Board (SRB) was formed to re-evaluate ISC’s technology strategy and to ensure we meet the evolving technology needs of the University. The SRB develops, documents, and coordinates standards and best practices to ensure effective and efficient activities in support of ISC and the University’s mission.  Near twenty strategies have been published, including Network Connectivity, Data Storage, and Unified Communications.

The Pennovation Data Center Expansion Program was successfully completed in January, with improved space, power, and infrastructure over the legacy 3401 Data Center. Nearly 900 assets were migrated, including ISC and client-owned systems. In alignment with the University’s focus on sustainability, more than 27,000 pounds of recyclable material was removed as part of the closure effort. In August ISC completely replaced the Data Center network with new switches and cabling to improve architecture by creating additional layers of redundancy.

The Next Generation Unified Communications Project is evaluating and selecting new voice and communications services at Penn. The proposed enterprise voice solution is expected to incorporate mobility and soft clients. We may also choose to include chat and video capabilities, depending on vendor capabilities.

ISC deployed Aruba’s ClearPass wireless device solution, which offers easier connections for the myriad of devices that are being used on campus (Echo, Roku, etc.)

Technology Services Group Pennovation Data Center